Neoconservatism Unmasked helps explain the staw poll results

Isn’t it amazing how the mainstream press hates to admit how well Ron Paul is doing?

Perhaps when Neoconservatism is unmasked folks will better understand.

I really encourage you to read this article by C. Bradley Thompson of CATO:


About selfgovwi

I was born in Detroit, MI in 1959. My folks moved us to Glen Ellen, IL in 1965 where I went to school from first grade through High School at Glenbard West. Later I went up to University of WI in River Falls where I received my BS in Agricultural Business. I then started selling Commodore personal computers in 1982 even before the IBM PC started shipping. Having ridden the tidal waves of Microsoft software and Intel hardware in both sales and securities investments I was able to semi-retire from sales at the Data General division of the EMC Corporation in 2000 I ran for US Senate in WI for the Libertarian Party. While on the campaign trail I let my Intel and Microsoft stock plunge without selling and have never fully recovered financially. I invested in Sales Automation Support, Inc. first in 1998 and went to work full time there in December of 2000, help transition to an S-Corporation in 2002 and subsequently became President. At Sales Automation Support, Inc. we take the pain out of writing the most outstanding bid response proposals for highly competitive purchasing processes. We have 1,100 customers worldwide and have helped our customers win some of the largest of federal contracts. I love business but I love the freedom and liberty that private property and markets promote the most.
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